Members of CCRES including Michael Kelly (Executive Director), Chrisi Lockwood (Director of Finance) and Board Members of CCRES, John Snyder and Angela Tekely were among the group of top business and community leaders celebrating a successful year in honor of the CCEDC. End-of-year milestones for the CCEDC were released at its 12th Annual Stakeholders’ Breakfast held at the Desmond Hotel in Malvern on Friday, Nov. 18, 2022. More than 150 local business and community leaders attended the event, including partners, investors, and volunteers spanning every major county industry.

Highlights shared at the event include the development of a Business Resource Center in Coatesville with free access to business coaching created as part of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategic Plan and a first-of-its-kind grant program to support minority- and women-owned businesses. They also relaunched AgConnect, an in-demand agriculture industry partnership and are helping to facilitate expansion of Longwood Gardens and and new multi-use property in Downingtown.