CCRES is served by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. We thank the following members for their leadership, dedication and service for the 2023-2024 year.


Mr. Leon Spencer, Chairperson
Mr. Robert DiSciullo, Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Timothy Umbreit, Treasurer
Ms. Sharon King, Board Secretary*


Dr. John Baillie
Ms. Jennifer Brion
Mr. James Bruce
Dr. Thomas Carey
Dr. Anthony Costello
Dr. George F. Fiore
Mr. Charles Gibson
Mr. Michael Grigalonis
Dr. Harry Jamison
Ms. Maureen Linahan

Mr. Joseph Lubitsky
Mr. John Morrissey
Mr. Ed Murray
Dr. Joseph O’Brien
Mrs. Bernadette Reiley
Mr. Reid Sandner
Mr. Stan Schuck
Mr. John Snyder
Mr. Drew Stanley
Dr. Angela Tekely
Mr. Steve Todaro

* Nonvoting Board Members